Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer When You Can Pursue Compensation Yourself

Here's the thing. You can pursue workers' compensation unassisted after involvement in a work-related accident. But you probably shouldn't go that route. Almost always, it's much better to engage a competent personal injury lawyer right from the get-go. 

But why hire an expensive lawyer when you can pursue justice unrepresented? Here are 6 reasons engaging a proven personal injury attorney is preferable to doing it yourself. 

  1. You're Most Likely Stressed Out

Whether it’s a minor or major accident, you're probably stressing over what'll happen. But things get much worse if the accident resulted in severe pain and suffering. Such a situation saps one's energy, regardless how strong and tenacious they might be. 

You need support. But family support may not be sufficient. According to Hutchison & Stoy accident law firm you need legal support, too. You need someone who can correctly answer all the legal questions racing through your anxious mind now. Fortunately, most lawyers are friendly and caring legal experts. A good attorney becomes that voice of reason you need at this trying time.

  1. Personal Injury Law is Extensive, Complex, and Confusing

Law can be confusing. That's because it's extremely involved and full of seemingly meaningless technical jargon. Even if you're an attorney, you'd still want to have someone else thinking through everything for you. Especially if you sustained head injuries.

Do you really want to read complex code when you're feeling this weak? How much law would you understand when you’re possibly traumatized? It's best — at least in most cases — to let an attorney handle all the technical aspects of your case. 

  1. Need Help with Medical Expenses and Court Costs?

Regardless of the lawyer you choose, understand that litigation can be quite expensive. You must pay a medical expert to prepare the usual medical report. In addition, you have to sort out court costs. All these costs can dramatically increase your anxiety.

Fortunately, most law firms have no qualms about advancing financial costs to cover court and medical report costs. Also, most attorneys typically help their clients to access quality medical care on a lien. They assure healthcare providers that their patient will clear the medical bill after receiving damages.

4 .Insurance Issues

Insurance is another complicated area when it comes to personal injury cases. Insurance carriers seem to speak some alien language that only lawyers and other experts understand. 

There's underinsurance, reimbursement to Medicaid, first party underinsurance claims, and reporting to DMV. There are also written-in-fine-print insurance limitations, exclusions, and other confusing stuff. 

Personal injury attorneys understand all this technical stuff. They ensure you never get overwhelmed or unfairly treated. 

  1. Advice When Making Important Decisions

What should you do: settle, arbitrate, mediate, or file suit? Alternative dispute resolution before or after court process can be extremely complicated. And typically, insurance companies won't negotiate out of court with unrepresented persons. You certainly would need a good lawyer in such a situation. 

  1. Minimize Chances of Case Dismissal

Unrepresented claimants often get their cases dismissed on the basis of technicalities. You didn’t follow the correct court or litigation procedure. And your case gets dismissed — just like that. A lawyer ensures you handle everything right. In addition, they ensure you fulfill every requirement in a timely manner. No surprises down the road. 

Look, engaging a legal expert from the get-go is a really good idea. It's just unwise to proceed with such a sensitive process unrepresented. You really should contact a competent personal injury lawyer or a worker's compensation attorney and …. relax. 

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