Duties of drivers – What does it actually mean?

In any car accident case, it is essential to establish the fault of the offending driver for causing the accident that led to injuries, and dhernandez car accident lawyer makes use of the legal theory of negligence to accomplish the task. They know exactly about what amounts to negligence from a legal perspective that becomes the strongest point for claiming compensation for injuries and damages suffered by the victim.  The onus of establishing the negligence of the other party rests on the victim or plaintiff for which he or she must also have some idea about what are the duties of a driver so that it is possible to point out the deviations to establish that the driver failed in discharging the responsibilities thus amply proving to be negligent.

Protecting pedestrians, other motorists, and passengers is the primary duty of drivers when they are driving on the road. Drivers must ensure safety to others on the road by performing some other duties too that are part of the primary duty of protecting others while driving.  They are responsible for driving at a reasonable speed and have good control over the vehicle besides maintaining the equipment to ensure its safe performance.

As you keep reading this article the meaning of general duty will become clearer so that you can quickly identify the deviations that happen from the stipulated practices and procedures that make it easy to build a case against drivers.

Driving at a reasonable speed

To ensure safe driving, the law clearly states that drivers must always drive at a reasonable speed so that they can control the vehicle better. However, you must not confuse the speed limit set at various stretches along the roads as reasonable speed, which can be even lower than the set limit depending on the situation prevailing at any point in time. For example, the reasonable speed when driving on a busy road can be much less than the recommended safe speeds because the situation demands it for ensuring safe driving. 

Maintaining the equipment

It is the responsibility of drivers to ensure that the vehicle they drive is in good condition to drive it safely on the road. They must conduct periodic inspection of the vehicle and make sure that it operates satisfactorily and remains completely in control. Moreover, drivers must look after all other aspects of vehicle safety, including vehicle emission, and keep it within the specified limit.

Alertness and agility

Drivers must have their eyes and ears wide open to observe everything that is going around them so that they are receptive about the environment and can respond to any situation promptly in the most befitting manner.  Mental alertness helps them to encounter effectively any potential hazards on the road that can arise suddenly due to the actions of other drivers and pedestrians.  If drivers lack in alertness, it becomes a vital point for the plaintiff’s lawyer to establish negligence.

Alert drivers have better reflexes that help to control of vehicles more confidently in all kinds of situations. Since they are attentive and alert, they respond positively during emergencies and can avert disaster.

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