Why you should hire a birth injury attorney when medical complications arise

What Is a Birth Injury?

A birth injury is a catastrophic injury caused to a normal, healthy fetus during a planned caesarean or vaginal birth. These injuries can be severe and painful. Injuries can occur from any surgical procedure. Here are some quick examples of commonly reported birth injuries:

Placental abruption — A rupture of the placenta, which can result in death

Perineal tears — A wound to which the membranes from the pelvic region become perforated

Subdural Hematoma Cerebral Palsy -  basal ganglia damage a part of the brain responsible for muscle movement. Damage or impairment of the brain results in different outcomes depending on the part of the brain affected.

Why a birth injury lawyer?

The legal defense of a birth injury lawsuit differs from most types of civil lawsuits because it involves personal injury. These cases may be difficult to prove in court, but birth injuries lawyers understand that it's critical to help your loved one with issues such as grief, depression or disability or when they are suffering from an overwhelming injury. An attorney can help navigate through the various court proceedings and help your loved one get the support that they need and deserve.

How to choose a birth injury lawyer!

Know which options are available before you hire one

A birth injury lawyer can take a positive step within the first day of your child's life by determining what you need to do and what options are available, and how long your family can afford to wait.

Choosing one

There are plenty of attorneys who are able to give excellent legal advice and representation (including representation from the first day to the end of the case). You probably don't want to make the same mistake.
So here are my recommendations for choosing the best birth injury attorneys


Your birth injury lawyer is not a surgeon or an emergency room doctor, and he/she will not be looking at each birth injury case from a professional medical perspective. In fact, he/she will only be looking at the injury in the light of an expert birth injury lawyer. For this reason make sure to hire a lawyer who is fully trained and qualified in all areas concerning birth injury law!

Seasoned/Has Apathy towards your case

Your baby's birth injury lawyer will be in your corner to take the best action to protect your rights and protect your child. They'll make sure that no other doctor or hospital tries to profit off of your newborn's injuries, and they'll find a path for you to get the care you need that's right for you.

 If you are unsure of where to get legal help for your birth injury, visit the Legal Aid Offices page for a list of birth injury attorneys throughout your state.

Don't make the choice you don't have to make! Contact a birth Injury Lawyer Today!

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