Steps to Follow If You Get Arrested

            Nobody wants to get arrested, but in case you do, first thing you must do is ask for a lawyer to represent you. It does not matter whether you are guilty of something or not, the most important thing for you to do is clearly say that you want a lawyer. Speaking without lawyer is not advisable, as anything you say may be used against you later in the procedure. Therefore, avoid talking with the police even if they continue to talk to you or ask you questions. Usually when someone gets arrested and then charged with some crime, a bail amount is set and arraignment date for hearing. At the arraignment date you need to plead whether you are guilty or not guilty. When you plead not guilty, your lawyer will be given a time period in which he will have to file necessary pre-trial motions.

            Regardless of the crime you are being accused of, it is recommended you hire services of quality New York City Criminal Lawyer. It is better for you to spend money on a good lawyer that will fight for your rights and will do his best to help you in the case instead of you spending money on paying bail. Having an experienced and skillful defense attorney is often crucial in certain cases and they can even help their clients walk away cleared of charges. If you find hiring good lawyer expensive, then you might be given a lawyer by the court, but these lawyers are usually not as good as hired ones and do not provide the same type of defense as paid ones. This does not mean that court appointed lawyers are bad lawyers, but they usually do not have enough time and lack resources in order to provide you with best possible defense in the criminal case.

            When you are thinking about which criminal lawyer to hire, you should always consider those lawyers that have big experience and good record in handling criminal cases. Those lawyers that have handled similar cases like yours before will usually provide the best defense. Remember that different courts have different set of rules that need to be followed, so only an experienced lawyer with good knowledge in the court systems and the criminal law can offer you good defense in your case. Always be open with your lawyer and talk about all details regarding your situation. Ask him what he will do and which steps he will take in order to help you defend yourself from accusations and charges.

            Seasoned, knowledgeable and reputable criminal lawyer will do his best to fully investigate all facts, details and witnesses in your case. They will talk with the police and check out their reports and evidence they have against you. Remember that in order for you to get best criminal defense and hope for the best outcome, you need to be patient and trust your lawyer. That is usually the best way and only way for successful outcome of the case.

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