Must-Have Facts to Know About Getting Bail Bonds

According to statistics, one in twenty people will be arrested during their lifetime. You can never know when your time will come. In most instances, it will be when you least expect it. There is also a chance that a friend or loved one might be arrested and they’ll be depending on you to bail them out of jail. In order to secure release, you will have to pay some amount that will be determined by the court.

What Is a Bail Bond?

It can simply be defined as the set amount that you’re expected to settle so as to secure your release from jail. Most states have it as a legal requirement that the amount is set in under 48 hours after you’ve been arrested although it happens sooner in most cases. There are a couple of important reasons why you should be leaving jail as soon as you’ve been arrested. For starters, you’ll want to prepare for the legal defense depending on the severity of the crime that has been committed. You also need to get back to work and take care of your family and spending nights in jail could have far-reaching implications.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

If the amount set is too huge to settle out of pocket, you’ll require the service of a bail bonds agent like trusted bail bondsmen in Hartford. The agent will provide a guarantee to cover the remainder of the fee once you pay a percentage of the total amount. Most agents will charge 10% of the amount. You will also need to provide an assurance that you’ll appear in court during the specified dates.

Types of Bail Bonds

There are two main types of bail bonds and that is cash and surety. How they’re applied will mainly depend on the nature of the offense. The cash bond requires that the amount is paid fully and in cash. Cash bail tends to be more expensive in the long run compared to the surety. A surety bail bond is usually preserved for severe offenses.

What Influences the Bail Amount?

There are numerous factors that could determine how much you’re expected to pay as a bail bond. The first and perhaps the most important factor is the severity of the crime. An extensive criminal background could also result in a high amount for the bail bond. There is a chance that the judge could increase the amount if you have a tendency of skipping court dates.

When It comes to Collateral?

Bail bond companies will take different approaches when it comes to collateral. They will mostly use tangible assets as collateral in case you fail to honor the agreement of showing up in court. Some of the examples of the collateral that can be used will include real estate, motor vehicles, bank accounts, stock, and credit cards.

Consequences of Violating Bond Conditions

In the event that you violate the bond conditions, the court and the bond company will have to deliberate on the new conditions to secure your lease. The court will come with new future dates for the hearing. It is imperative that you’re not making any more mistakes. Most bail bonds agents will require that you’re temporarily surrendering the collateral until your hearing. There is a bond enforcement agency that has a legal mandate to locate you in case you fail to appear in court. You will have no other option but to pay the full bond amount if you fail to make yourself available within a period of six months.

Can You Get Your Money Back?

In most cases, it won’t be possible to get your money back. If you’ve used the services of a bail bonds agent, the fees you paid can be seen as the charge for the service. If you settled the amount on your own, there is a chance that you could get some of the money back although there are no guarantees. There are fees that might have accumulated during the proceedings and will be deducted from the amount that you posted for bail.

Do You Need a Bail Bond?

Being arrested can be a confusing period. You don’t want to spend the night behind bars when there is a solution to get out. If you can’t afford the bail bond, it is usually recommended that you’re reaching out to an agent. All you need is to pay 10% of the amount to secure your release. Make sure that you’re working with a reputable company to avoid potential problems down the road.

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