5 Tips For Victims Of Cycling Accidents

You’re likely reading this because you or someone dear to you has experienced an accident that ruined their cycling plans for the day, but also the foreseeable future. Along with their sports ambitions, some other plans probably also fell through - business-plans, vacations, family name it. Most importantly, their health was impacted.

Cycling accidents have been on the rise simply due to a larger number of cyclists. People have increasingly gotten into cycling either as a form of recreation or as a means of transportation. But for whatever reason you ride your bike, you’re in an awkward position. You’re not a pedestrian, but you’re not really a vehicle either. So you’re forced to ride your bike on the side of the road (or a bike lane if you’re lucky) and are thus in a very vulnerable position most of the time.

Whatever the cause of your cycling accident, it’s best to now focus on what to do to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Here are our top 5 tips!

1. Sleep!

Sleeping is key to letting your body heal. Research has shown that getting plenty of deep sleep helps physical (especially muscle) recovery. Your body regenerates during sleep so be sure to get your 8 hours of quality, uninterrupted sleep.

2. Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

Know your limitations. You’re probably the go-go-go type that loves to be active. But now’s the time to listen to your body and allow it to heal. Don’t not move at all, but be gentle towards yourself. If you can, and if your doctor has approved of this (depending on the severity of your injuries), do light activity such as walking or perhaps going on a stationary bike and dropping the intensity way down.

3. Supplement Your Training

Now’s the time to strengthen those body parts that you might have been neglecting because of your cycling goals. Of course, keeping in mind your limitations at the moment. Your body works as a whole, and working on your upper body, core, doing stabilising exercises, and even stretching (along with stationary biking and walking) can help improve your overall health and physical fitness so you get back to cycling faster, and even see improvement!

4. Ease Back Into Cycling

When your doctor’s allowed it, you can get back into training - slowly! This might mean starting on a stationary bike, and then slowly adding in biking outside on easy, short routes. Remember that training is a stress on your body, and too much stress can hinder your recovery, prolong your injuries, and maybe even cause permanent damage. Take baby steps and you’ll heal faster and properly.

5. Claim Compensation

Claiming for your cycling accident can help you get back on your feet both literally and financially. There are many specialised law firms out there, such as MJW Law, who have extensive experience with cycling claims and will not only get you your compensation for the mental and physical harm you underwent, but also for any material damage to your bike and other items that you had on you.

The bottom line - if you take the time to heal properly now, you’ll make things so much easier in the future and hopefully avoid any negative side-effects of your accident. Take care!

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