Follow these essential tips to make your website comply with Section 508 standards

In the event that you are a web developer, then it is essential for you to make your website comply with the standards set by Section 508. In this article, you will learn about some tips which will help in making Section 508 compliance easy for you.

You must ensure that the following tips are attained to in your website: -

  1. Ensure that all your images and photos are accessible - There would be some users who would use text-based web browsers that shall not offer any support to photos, there would be others who would have slow internet with them which is why they would turn image support off also. Some people would also be unable to view the images. Thus, it is vital that you put ALT tags in your photos that will make your photos easily accessible.
  1. Use both text and also non-textual components - You may be able to present your information in your website in a text form like equivalent like the Braille system, synthesized speeches, visually display-based texts and so on. People have visual impairments and cognitive disabilities and also hearing problems. Thus you need to accommodate them in your website too. If you are presenting any video, remember always to include subtitles. Use the captcha codes which are both visible and also audible.
  1. Help your users in downloading a free screen reading software - You should embed links in the web pages to places where the user can download a free screen reading software. This will help in providing access to people who have visually impaired to your website also. More people would be able to access the content of your website in this manner.
  1. The requirements for color and specific fonts - You should be designing your web pages in order to ensure that the information which you convey with a certain color also becomes accessible to people who are color blind or are visually impaired. You must also provide alternative font sizes that can help people have problems of low vision. You must present a font that is consistent all over your site. You can still use decorative or customized and special characters in the fonts.
  1. Using flash is not necessary always - Those people who suffer from any form of visual impairment or perhaps are unable to read the text without increasing the fonts will not be able to have access to Flash software. Thus, you should try not to design websites which are based on Flash because it will not be Section 508 complaint.

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It is vital that you follow the steps mentioned in this article as it will help to make your website compliant with the regulations of Section 508. These are only, however, the basic steps. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will help you.

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