5 Things You Need to Know about Truck Accidents

If you’re on the road in an average sized vehicle, it can be slightly intimidating when you see a large truck or 18-wheeler pull up next to you or approach from behind. No matter how safe of a driver you feel that you are, ultimately you have no control over other drivers on the road. You don’t know what their reaction time may be if something goes wrong, and you can’t prevent them from making a mistake or being inattentive.

When a truck and car collide, the damage can be inconceivable. According to Spiva Law Group, some of the most common types of truck accidents are rear-end accidents, sideswipe accidents, side-impact crashes, underrides, and head-on collisions. Jackknifes and rollovers are also commonly seen accidents involving trucks. Whether or not you spend a lot of time on the road, it’s important to be prepared. Check out these 5 things to keep in mind about truck accidents.

  1. Crashes involving trucks can be far more dangerous for those in passenger cars.

It should be no surprise that collisions between large trucks or tractor-trailers and passenger cars can mean extremely bad news for the passengers in the car. They have far less protection than drivers in an 18-wheeler. They also have far more weight coming toward them than if they were colliding with an average sized vehicle.

According to Sansone and Lauber, truck wreck lawyers in Missouri, truck accidents involving other vehicles can “often result in catastrophic injuries or deaths to other motorists in smaller vehicles.” They also concluded that in 2015, 80% of all deaths during truck accidents in Missouri were occupants of passenger cars.

  1. If the truck is at fault, it’s possible to see compensation from more than one party.

The truck driver and trucking company could both potentially be held responsible. Depending on the situation, the trailer owner, freight shipper and truck parts manufacturer are also parties that could be at fault.

  1. The legal process can be incredibly complex.

South Carolina truck accident attorney Bennett Schiller explains that multiple parties can be responsible for the truck being on the road in the first place. Each of those parties can potentially be held liable. In addition to this, the trucking company likely has a high investment in protecting themselves and their drivers from an insurance claim.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has rules and regulations for truck drivers that require motor carriers to document everything during their operation. Commercial trucks also have event data recorders that can aid in figuring out what happened if a crash occurs.

  1. If the truck is at fault, you could deserve compensation for multiple expenses.

Medical expenses, property damage, lost income, and pain and suffering are all expenses that you could receive compensation for.

  1. Don’t be afraid to file a personal injury claim if you or a loved one were seriously injured in a truck accident.

Trucking firms are quick to protect themselves as well as their drivers after an accident. Because of this, it can be easier and more productive to have a legal team help you get the compensation you deserve.

Take necessary precautions to prevent accidents while you’re on the road, but always be prepared to take action if something happens that you can’t avoid.

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