What Do You Do If Your Car Accident Wasn't Your Fault?

Fleeing the accident should not be your option, as it is clearly against every state’s law. You should always be present in the scene and wait for the law enforcement team to intervene,

Remaining calm should be your utmost priority—no matter what the case is. The first and foremost action which you should take is recording. Do not trust your phone in the process, as several issues can cause the loss of data. Instead, grab a spare paper and write down the key points from your memory you remember from the incident, and every detail counts; thus, do not filter anything. Let’s dive into the immediate steps which you should take:

Call The Law Enforcement Immediately

You need to immediately jab 911 on your phone, as taking the police into account is beneficial for your record. Remember that a police report will, in essence, speed up the whole process of claiming insurance, if any. Bolster your case by taking the police into confidence, especially on the instance if you know it’s not your fault. Many times an accident occurs right in the middle of the road, interrupting the traffic. In all such scenarios, you should move the vehicles out of the flow. In disastrous situations, the cars can’t be driven. One should remain settled in the vehicle while turning on the hazard lights. Police should be ideally called if the damage is above $1000 or either party has incurred any injury—well, this again varies from state to state.

Car Accident Attorney Suggests Gathering Information

Next, aim to squeeze out as much information as you can from witnesses. Whenever any incident occurs, there are usually witnesses passing by. Do not ignore their potential as they can make or break the case. Instead of letting them go, get their contact information to support your claim. Apart from jotting down the information regarding witnesses, you should also write down the badge numbers of the officer who arrive at the accident scene, including the ambulance’s contact information.

Car Accident Attorney Suggests Recording The Scene

Many times, law enforcement simply does not show up, and even being sure of not guilty, you get charged. In such cases, take the assistance of photographs. Capturing videos will help, so click the accident scene, the environment, damages, injuries, and even the minute details—like license plates. Every car accident attorney suggests to collect as many important pieces as you can, as this will help solve the puzzling case. Additionally, such evidence is most likely needed by insurance companies, so consider their requirements. 

Follow Up

You might not know that an accident without injuries often gets unnoticed by enforcement teams. Thus, it becomes your responsibility to file a report on the Department of Motor Vehicles. You will have to go into the hassle alone of submitting all the documentation relating to the accident or you can hire a car accident attorney.

Take Medications

You should not ignore your health if you suffer from any kind of pain after the crash. Visiting your physician will help, ensuring injuries being tied to the accident. Many people use a post-accident pain journal for tracking medications.

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