Things you need to know before filing an IVC Filter lawsuit

Technological advancements have had a positive impact on the medical field. Today, there are advanced medical devices designed to enhance the human life condition. However, sometimes these devices can be more deadly than one can imagine. A case in example is the IVC (Internal Vena Cava) Filters. Initially, this equipment was designed to prevent blood clots right at the source, which could be helpful in saving many lives. However, in the recent past, it has also led to some fatal injuries because of defects and malfunctioning.

Today, many such medical mishaps of vena cava filters and their complications are reported to the FDA. And many patients and their families have also filed IVC Filter lawsuits. If you are also planning to file a lawsuit, here are a few essential points that you need to be aware of.

  1. The injury risks

IVC filters got designed with the objective of helping people overcome a particular physical issue. There are removable filters that must be removed after some time of one or two months, after the implant. If you wait longer than that, the chances of a severe injury increase. However, this is not known to take place in maximum cases. The ace lawyers who know that such an injury can happen. However, if the filter is still not removed, then you stand a good chance in filing a lawsuit against the healthcare provider.

  1. An improper device

In the recent times lawsuits for sudden death because of IVC Filter malfunctioning are increasing in number. If there's a faulty device that has resulted in over 24 deaths, then it is essential to file a lawsuit. It will warn people who are planning to opt in for an IVC filter and help them act in an informed manner.

  1. Chances of serious injuries

It is essential to know that many people have contacted the FDA informing about severe injuries due to IVC filter implants. You must understand that this equipment can cause a tear in your body. It means there can be small pieces of this device that can move to the lungs and the heart. It will result in chronic perforation. Furthermore, if the condition is severe, it would be even more challenging to take away the filter from the body. If you or someone you know has witnessed such a chronic injury, by all means, you need to file a lawsuit.

Do IVC Filters bring any good outcome?

Keeping in mind all the data available today, IVC filters efficiency is questionable today. Many people have claimed that the after effects of this device are not as promising as it appears in the beginning.  Hence, if you find that your doctor is unsure about the risks associated with this device, it makes sense that you get in touch with a lawyer who would help you address the situation legally.

Today, medical breakthroughs are continually happening! However, if you find yourself to be a victim of faulty and malfunctioning medical equipment, for instance, an IVC Filter, it is essential to reach out to an ace attorney.

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