Know about Birth Injuries to Choose Birth Injury Malpractice Lawyers

Birth of a child is the happiest moment in the parent’s life. Unfortunately, it is not so in all the cases as there can be many complications related to childbirth. A baby born with birth injuries are reported more so often, including severe physical injuries.

There are medical possibilities for injuries to happen to newborns during pregnancy, delivery, and immediately after birth. Sometimes, these may be preventable with better care as many are caused by medical negligence or improper handling. According to the data of the National Health Care Quality Report, about 6.58 newborn babies reported having injuries out of 1000 childbirths in the United States.

A birth injury occurs when a baby suffers any preventable trauma during the process of childbirth or immediately after. These injuries may be from the mechanical devices used for childbirth as vacuum extractors or forceps to assist in delivery or caused by oxygen deprivation to the child etc. If you suspect anything of this sort happened to your newborn, then a birth injury lawyer (BIML) can help you with it.

The case of birth injury

Even though all types of birth injuries are resulting from medical negligence or malpractice, a good number of them may have been prevented with proper medical care. A study recently had shown that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have listed out the most common types of birth injuries and its causes as the following.

#1. Brachial palsy injuries

These types of injuries have different versions as Klumpke's palsy and Erb's palsy etc., which occurs when the nerve bundle which enables the movements of hands and arms get injured. This nerve group is called brachial plexus and the injury to this part is generally known as brachial palsy injuries. The common cause for the injury is shoulder dystocia, which happens when the infant's shoulders get trapped in the pelvic cavity of the mother during childbirth. If a physician tries to pull the baby too hard in an incorrect way to deliver the baby, then there are chances for brachial plexus getting damaged.

#2. Facial paralysis

During delivery, there is a chance that the face of the infant gets too much pressure which damages the nerves. This is a very common birth injury which occurs while the doctors use vacuum extraction methods or forceps to pull out the baby. General symptoms of facial paralysis are difficult to close eye on the affected side and also no movement at the affected part. If the injury is minor, it may clear in a few weeks. However, if the injury is serious, then it may lead to complete facial paralysis. This is one situation mostly handled by

#3. Brain injuries

Often during the time of delivery, there is a chance that the baby may get oxygen deprived, which can lead to many problems including severe brain injury. If this happens, then many associated medical disorders may also be caused like chronic seizures and cerebral palsy, etc. Oxygen deprivation also may happen due to medical negligence if the physician is not able to monitor the infant after birth.

This includes checking the umbilical cord related issues like a prolapsed umbilical cord, which will cause the baby to remain for a longer period in the birth canal. Experts say that even milder oxygen deprivation may lead to some serious troubles like intellectual disabilities and long-lasting physical problems.

#4. Fractures

A clavicle fracture is one of the most common types of fracture occurring during the time of delivery. This must occur while a physician tries to pull hard to get an infant out, which is basically in breech position. Clavicle may also get fractured if the shoulder is pulled forcefully during difficult or prolonged deliveries. The symptom is that the infants cannot move their arm on the side of the fracture. However, a reassuring fact about these fractures is that that they tend to heal fast, usually within 10 to 15 days.

#5. Cephalohematoma

Cephalo- means head and hematoma means bleeding. Cephalohematoma is primarily a type of injury with marked bleeding in the cephalic region, underneath the skull. The injury occurs right under the cranial bones, and profuse bleeding occurs. This condition most commonly appears many hours after birth when a bump appears on top of the head of the newborn. One major cause of cephalohematoma is the use of some birth-assisting mechanical devices. The bump as a resultant of this condition may clear up in a few months. However, there can be many risks associated with this condition as anemia, jaundice, hypotension, and in some cases, meningitis.

#6. Caput succedaneum

As you find the name a bit complicated, this newborn health issue is also a bit complicated. This form of birth injury is marked by intense soft tissue swelling at the infant's scalp. This condition develops when the infants come down through the birth canal. The major reason for caput succedaneum is the improper usage of the vacuum extraction tools. The swelling caused by this condition may reduce within a few days.

Hiring a ‘Birth Injury Lawyer’

If you face a birth injury related issues to your newborn, then it is possible to seek the help of an attorney to determine the cause and original of the injury. Birth injury lawyers are legal specialists who work closely with families to examine various procedures and circumstances of childbirth to understand any possibility of medical negligence ending up in birth injuries or cases of preventable birth injuries. For the normal citizen, it may be difficult to seek answers from physicians and other healthcare professionals without the help of a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer.

The service of a birth injury lawyer may also be required in case if you want to file a lawsuit against the medical negligence of the practice, which ends up in severe health deficiencies of your newborn. As individuals will not be able to act wisely on being in a panic situation by seeing the adverse symptoms of a long-awaited offspring, a good attorney will be able to do things on your behalf to get out of the adversities and provide proper support.

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