All You Need to Know About Dog Bites in Personal Injury Law

Dogs are adorable but aren’t always calm, playful, and friendly. In some instances, they can bite someone, causing physical and mental injury. A dog can bite you for many reasons, such as when it feels threatened or in pain and suffering from an illness. Such situations can be traumatic, leaving you in pain and fear. 

When the owner is at fault, Georgia state laws allow you to seek compensation from the owner through a personal injury lawsuit. Here is what you should do after a dog bite to secure compensation and overall health. 

1. Document the Incident 

Robert James Trial Attorneys states, "In any personal injury case involving a dog bite, the road to compensation begins with the measures the victim takes. Their very own initiatives can kickstart the compensation process. First, they should take photos of the bite injury and any surroundings. If a hole in a fence allowed the dog to escape its home or it was off its leash, make sure to capture these details. The documentation will serve as evidence when seeking compensation for the injury,” says trial attorney Robert James of Robert James Trial Attorneys.

On top of that, you should ask for the contact information of any person who witnessed the incident. Ask for their name and contact information, as they can be witnesses to corroborate your version of events and help you seek compensation.  

Finally, write down your detailed account of the incident, including the location, the time, what you were doing before the bite, the dog's behavior, and the interaction with the owner as soon as you are in a position to do so.

2. Seek Medical Attention 

Safety comes first. As you are documenting the scene, call 911. Even a scratch can have consequences, so it's best to talk to your doctor and have them perform a thorough medical checkup. 

If you choose that path, you are immediately setting yourself up for compensation by seeking medical attention. By seeking medical attention immediately, it shows you did suffer injuries that required urgent medical aid, which can bolster your claim. On top of that, as you recover, keep a symptom diary. Document the symptoms, the treatments you receive, and how the injury affects your daily life. 

3. Speak to Your Attorney

While you can handle the claims process independently, it may not be the best strategy, and for good reason: the Georgia legal system can be challenging to navigate with all the deadlines and legal paperwork to keep in mind. 

That is why you need a personal injury attorney by your side. They will handle all the complex details of the case, leaving you ample time to recover. On top of that, handling insurance agents minus an attorney can take time and effort. 

Insurance agents owe a duty to the business, which must make a profit by compensating you the least amount possible. As such, they may use underhanded tactics to get you to settle for a lower amount than you are entitled to. But a lawyer can quickly detect and stop such tactics, ensuring you get what you are owed. 


A dog bite can be a traumatizing incident, especially when it is no fault of your own. But by following the right strategy, you can come out victorious with compensation to cover your damages. To do this, seek medical aid, report the incident to animal control, and keep a record of the injuries. 

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