5 Types of Personal Injury Attorneys

Texas law allows an injured person to pursue compensation when someone else's negligence or wrongful conduct is the cause of their injury. 

That means various situations, including auto collisions, dog bites, and swimming pool accidents can give rise to a valid personal injury claim that would call for a lawyer specialized in that field. Whether you recently got injured or have not suffered a personal injury yet, understanding the different types of Corpus Christi personal injury attorneys can help you hire the right person for the job when you need one. 

Five of the most common types of personal injury attorneys

1.    Auto accident lawyer

The majority of personal injury claims are brought by auto accident victims, making auto accident lawyers the most sought-after personal injury lawyers. Usually, these lawyers evaluate claims, identify the liable parties, and estimate claims’ value. They also go head-on with insurance companies during settlement negotiations or in the courtroom to ensure victims get the right amount of compensation for your injuries.

2.    Medical malpractice lawyers

The hospital is the one place we go expecting to get better when sick. But unfortunately, medical professionals can cause serious injuries resulting from misdiagnosis, surgical errors, and other medication mistakes. 

When a negligent or careless medical professional causes any harm to a patient due to inappropriate treatment, medical malpractice lawyers can help victims pursue compensation. Because of the complex nature of medical malpractice claims, settlements can be quite high, especially if you have the right lawyer handling your case.

3.    Workplace accident lawyers

Whether you work in an office setting or construction site, getting injured in the scope of your job is highly likely. Fortunately, Texas workers' compensation law allows injured employees to collect benefits when they suffer work-related injuries, regardless of fault. 

While it’s possible to represent yourself in a workers’ comp claim, hiring a workplace accident attorney helps ensure that your rights as an injured worker are not violated. In simple terms, the lawyer will make sure that you get the rightful benefits, and your employer does not retaliate (fire or demote you) for filing a worker’s comp claim. 

4.    Slip and fall lawyers.

Slip, trip, and fall accidents are common. They can happen at work, retail store, or a friend’s place, and in most cases result in severe injuries such as broken bones, which at times could lead to a lifetime disability.

When your slip, trip, and fall accident happens due to someone else's carelessness, a slip and fall lawyer can help. A good attorney will help you prove that the negligent party owed you a duty of care and their negligent actions caused your injuries to ensure you get the right compensation. 

5.    Product liability lawyers

Defective and dangerous products can cause severe injury to consumers at work, public places, or even in their own homes. When one gets injured by a defective item or dangerous product with improper warnings and inaccurate operation manuals, an experienced product liability lawyer can help recover compensation from the responsible party.

Other common types of personal injury lawyers include:

  • Motorcycle accident lawyers
  • Truck accident lawyers
  • Oil field accident attorneys
  • Wrongful death lawyers

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