Have You Been Threatened With A Defamation Case?

Nowadays, there can be many reasons when someone may threaten to sue you with defamation case. There can be even simple reason like posting an innocent statement on Facebook. You never know what kind of statement of yours may offend the sensibility of someone.

The situation may take such a turn that you may either lose your job or your spouse may divorce you or you may be put behind the bar. Finally, you may have to talk to your lawyer for seeking his help. In this digital era, internet defamation has become very common.

In case you encounter such situation then what will you do? Following suggestion might help to tackle such situation.

Keep your calm

If you ever come into such situation just do not lose your cool. You need not hurriedly apologize or retract your statement either or start arguing with the person. You may get into deeper trouble with your rash action. You should stop writing anything on the web, keep quiet for few days, and see what happens next. May be your opponent may not drag the case further.

Try to investigate the matter

Now try to find details about the person from internet or any other available sources. Find out which statements of yours have hurt him. What is the reason of his getting hurt? Has he already filed a suit against you? Is he really serious about suing you? Gather as much information as you can.

Again wait

You wait for his next step. Do not react, if he is quite.

Try to understand about defamation

You must try to read some information about defamation law not in lawyer’s perspective but as a common public. Try to assess whether your action really suits the accusation. Avoid any communication with your opponent. In case you wish to talk to him consult your lawyer and ask for suggestion.

If you are comfortable with the lawyer then show the defamation threat letter and tell him that you are seeking legal help. You can also clarify to him what really has hurt the accuser. Do not get into extensive discussion or long email conversation.

Think of some temporary solution

This step needs to be discussed with your lawyer, after a thorough review of your claimed offensive statement. Are you sure what you have stated is absolutely truth and you are ready for any consequence? If you have little doubt about your stand then you can post that you are reviewing your statement. That may temporarily settle the situation.

If the things do not settle down then call your lawyer

If still you are getting threatening message from your opponent then it is the time to engage any lawyer. Listen to his suggestion. In case, the lawyer suggests that you to write to the accuser then only you must make every correspondence through him.

To sum up, remember to keep your calm and do not take any action in haste. Even if you need to act then do it in very logical manner. Maximum chances are that things will not escalate further.

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