Can I Make a Compensation Claim for Laser Hair Removal Injuries?

If you have a laser hair removal treatment you do undergo some risks. A treatment may result in burns or scalds, and even permanent scarring. If you suffer such an injury in the course of a laser hair removal treatment, are you entitled to compensation? Whether you can or cannot make a claim is dependent on a number of different factors.


Common Injuries That May Be Cause for Compensation

Burns are the most common injuries arising from an incorrectly or negligently administered laser hair removal treatment. These may be second degree burns or third degree burns. These burns damage the skin through the top layer, which results in redness and blisters. Sometimes you will require a skin graft to help repair the damage caused by a second degree burn. Third degree burns are the most serious burns and can result in nerve damage or even organ damage. After burns occur the skin can be susceptible to scarring and may be disfigured.

Legal Reasons for Making a Compensation Claim

While many cosmetic and beauty procedures involve a certain level of risk, this risk must be communicated to the client and fully understood. The beauty practitioner also has a degree of responsibility to the client that must be upheld in order to comply with a good standard of care. This responsibility includes informing the client of the risks, making sure they understand the risks and giving them the chance to change their mind if necessary, using the correct equipment in the correct manner, and undergoing the right aftercare procedures. If the person administering the laser hair removal treatment does not do these things, and they cause an injury, they may be negligent.

Making a Compensation Claim

In order to make a claim for compensation for injuries suffered, you need the help of a professional laser burn lawyer or personal injury lawyer specialising in beauty treatment injuries. This is because there are procedures to follow and timings to adhere to which can affect the success and validity of a claim. Personal injury lawyers will also be able to help construct the best case possible and therefore increase the chances of the case being successful. A specialist personal injury lawyer will be able to advise you on whether your case is valid and what you could possibly win in compensation if you go forward with the claim.

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