Are Generic Forms Not the Answer?

These days you see several companies presenting blank generic legal forms. They would want you to feel that any person can plan his or her own estate. All you have to do is buy one of these forms and fill in the blanks. You then have an ironclad estate plan in place and you have no need for any more action. The truth is that this is a gross oversimplification. It is true that you don’t have to be a licensed attorney to fill in one of these forms. However, if the form is a last will it is going to be introduced to the surrogate court after your death and your estate will be going through the probate procedure. Steven F. Bliss, Probate Attorney Probate is the legal procedure of estate administration and during this interim the court will figure out whether or not the will is valid. Any problems to the will would be introduced before the court. If the will was indeed regarded to be valid the court would then oversee the administration of the estate. A last will should be designed with the truths of probate in mind. The courts are not all similar in every jurisdiction in the country. Therefore, if you live in Rancho Bernardo you should carry out a last will that is particularly formed to be introduced to the court here.

There is no singular estate planning paper that is ideal for every family in every jurisdiction. If you desire to be specific that your desires are carried out to the letter the only wise choice is to carry out your estate plan with the assistance of a licensed and experienced Fallbrook probate attorney.

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